PHOTOS: Amazing Pictures at Disney Springs Closes its Doors to Make Way for New Ample Hills Location

We recently stopped by Disney Springs, and when we arrived over on the West Side we quickly noticed that the location for the Amazing Pictures Photography Studio had recently closed its doors permanently. Back in August it was announced that this area of Disney Springs would become the home of various new food & beverage locations.

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Here is the location we are referring to for a better reference point, its the gray and purple store front attached to the AMC building.

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A closer look at the corner section of the store front.

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As you can see, all the windows have been blacked out.

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Front view of the entrance to the store. Everything on the exterior remains intact, but we expect to see this change in the coming weeks, since it doesn’t quite look like an ice cream shop yet, does it?

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There is a sign currently posted on the door that reads “Please Pardon Our Appearance” & “Something New Is Coming”.

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How do we know Ample Hills is taking up this specific space in the near future? Just have a look at whats inside the right display window. You will find an ice cream recipe book, a spoon, and a sundae glass.

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Here is the left window, another spoon, some napkins, a sundae glass, a soufflé cup and the biggest giveaway…an Ample Hills Creamery book!

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Are you as excited to see this new addition to Disney Springs as we are? Be sure to keep checking back with us here at WDWNT for updates. Also don’t forget, you can already enjoy the many flavors of ice cream offered by Ample Hills at their BoardWalk Resort location here at Walt Disney World.