PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/21/19 (Main Entrance, Peoplemover Construction, TRON Lightcycle Run, ETC.)

As the 50th anniversary in 2021 approaches, Walt Disney World continues its work of improving every corner of the Magic Kingdom. You can visit our last update for comparison. For now, here is the latest Magic Kingdom construction update.

tomorrowland people mover exposed beams

In Tomorrowland, work continues in returning The People Mover back to its original 1970’s look and feel. Exposed (and rusty) beams are being framed with rebar for a concrete overlay to match the original style.

Tomorrowland fins

Tomorrowland People Mover normal look

Upon completion, this is what they will look like throughout the entire People Mover.

Tomorrowland fin removals

Tomorrowland fin removal inside the scrim construction

The very first of the larger metallic fins are also being removed. As these are highly detailed, and contain high voltage electrical lines, the removal is a far more involved process. They are being placed behind protective scrims as they are dismantled, one by one.

tomorrowland people mover fins before removal

Here are some of the fins, with the 3 yellow features on top, prior to removal for reference. Each fin will be removed and expose the original steel beam, also pictured here.

tron dirt pile is gone

Over at TRON, the giant mountain of dirt has come down, giving Guests an uninterrupted view of construction from the Tomorrowland Speedway track.

tron construction with view of concete pillars

tron construction 14

The concrete pillars for the queue area are ready for the exterior decor to be added.

tron back wall building construction

tron view from barnstormer queue

From the Barnstormer queue, we can see the back-half of the building is being worked on. Soon enough the workers should start cladding the walls (adding another layer to the wall for insulation and appearance) and enclosing the structure.

lierty squre market overview of construction

liberty square construction update

Over at Liberty Square Market, we’re getting a better idea of the new layout. You can see the seating area will now be closed in with the walls.

walt disney world railroad foliage additions walt disney world railroad track new foliage

The Walt Disney World Railroad is seeing major updates to foliage with the addition of new indigenous plants and the removal of all bamboo. According to the Engineers, bamboo was an issue as it would fall on the tracks after storms, but we’re still sad to see it go.

walt disney world railroad track changes

walt disney world railroad track removal and replacement

walt disney world railroad track update

Workers are also removing old track behind the Carousel Of Progress. As they remove the old track, they are regrading the stones and land to be more level.

magic kingdom entrance drainage parts

The entrance is moving along nicely as the drainage equipment arrives. This is a great sign of progress. After drainage will come infrastructure, including electrical and plumbing. Soon after, they can pour the foundations (and finally restore our entrance!)

magic kingdom entrance old drainage

The old drainage pipes were removed recently, as seen here. An active water line can also be seen inside the red tape.

magic kingdom entrance wall for signage


magic kingdom signage wall other side

Walls are being put up at the entrance for late signage. This will likely have seasonal, as well as informational signage, to help Guests find their way. There are two located on either side of the center walkway.

Disney Parks have been extremely quiet on construction progress, last posting about it in May. You can count on us to give you almost daily Magic Kingdom updates, so stay tuned at