PHOTOS: New Sleepy Pua “Disney Dream Friends” Plush Now Available at Walt Disney World

That’s some good pork. It seems like Disney Parks are going through a trend of sleeping characters. The insanely adorable sleeping Figment plush sold out in record time, and there’s even news of sleeping Duffy & Friends coming to Tokyo DisneySea! Not like we’re complainingl, of course. These things are all so gosh darn cute! New to the Sleepy Dream Friends plush line is this amazingly chunky and sleepy Pua.

pua sleepy dream friend plush 5

He’s taking a nap after considering all those coconuts. I love his little hooves on the back.

pua sleepy dream friend plush 4

One thing I’ve noticed about all Disney Dream Friends plush is how nice all the embroidered details are. Nothing is glued or screenprinted on––everything is embroidered with care. I do think his snout’s a bit big, though.

pua sleepy dream friend plush 3

Pua has white and grey spotted patterns throughout with a fluffy pig tail and tuft at the top of his head.

pua sleepy dream friend plush 2

pua sleepy dream friend plush 6

As the proud mother of a Figment “Dream Friends” plush, I can confirm that these make great pillows, especially for travel. The filling is high-quality and doesn’t go flat no matter how much you sleep on or with them. You never know how far you’ll go with this pig.

pua sleepy dream friend plush 1 e1568401361727

These are considered a Disney Parks exclusive, and while we found him at World of Disney in Disney Springs, he’s bound to arrive at other plush walls in stores across property. Pua retails for $34.99… just don’t take him to Ronto Roasters or he’ll get scared and run off.