REVIEW: Arendelle Aqua Cotton Candy Eclair from the Grand Floridian is a Grand Disaster

Have we gotten our fill of Arendelle Aqua food yet? Yes. But wait- there’s more! Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian has gotten in on the latest icy blue color trend to make it’s way across Disney Parks by adding a cotton candy Arendelle Aqua Eclair to the menu. We spotted this one and had to give it a try, so you don’t have to.

This dessert is a nicely themed snack for $5.49, with ice blue sugar crystals thickly coated across the top. The aqua colored filling sticks out on the sides, and a snow flake tops it all off. We don’t come across many eclairs, so we’re looking forward to this.

As soon as I arrived, a very helpful Cast Member pointed out the new dessert and told me all the flavors (correctly, I might add) that were in it. She also mentioned that if I wasn’t happy with it or didn’t like it, they would exchange it for something else. This was actually a really nice offer, since she probably already had some idea how awful this dessert actually tasted.

The sugar coating is thick along the top of the eclair, and adhered with blue white chocolate. It was really hard to break into it to split the eclair in half. The white chocolate basically broke into fractals all around. We also found a little nod to Anna with a red raspberry filling along the bottom.

The cotton candy flavor wasn’t as strong as expected. There’s no way I would have guessed that flavor if the sign didn’t say cotton candy eclair. Even though the raspberry layer was very thin, it was tart and overpowering. With the weird sugar coating, odd flavored custard, and raspberry flavor, this was a huge fail. This was one I struggled with finding anything to salvage. The eclair pastry wasn’t bad, but it also didn’t strike me as anything special. When I bit into the snowflake, I was concerned it wasn’t even edible. The texture was strange and chewy, like stale candy.

If I had been here as a hungry guest, and not for the purpose of reviewing, I would have taken the Cast Member’s original offer and gone back and exchanged this treat for anything else. Someone out there might enjoy this one, but I can’t wait til they let this one go.