REVIEW: New Arendelle Aqua Cupcake and Lemonade Arrive at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

As part of the new Arendelle Aqua color launch, several locations around Walt Disney World are celebrating with specialty food and beverage. We can never resist a new color trend (especially when there are sparkly Crocs involved) so you know we’re going for all the snacks. Sunshine Seasons at Epcot has two new Arendelle Aqua treats: Arendelle Aqua Lemonade and the Arendelle Aqua Cupcake.

The color is beautiful! The cupcake is $5.49 and the lemonade is $6.49.

The drink is a frozen lemonade, flavored with Monin Cotton Candy syrup. This is the same flavor that is in the Arendelle Lemonade from Block and Hans, minus the moonshine. This is a non-alcoholic and colorful beverage, but it’s so overly sweet, you may struggle to finish it.

The Arendelle Aqua Cupcake is basically the same as the Rose Gold Cupcake. We were surprised by how different the cake base is here compared to other Disney quick service cupcakes. It almost seemed more than a muffin consistency, but it’s actually very dense, fresh, and delicious.

The buttercream is a standard vanilla flavor, with white and aqua colors. It’s topped by a a giant fondant bow and two tiny fondant ears. The fondant has more of a circus peanut marshmallow kind of texture. It’s not very good, so save yourself the trouble and just remove it after you’re done taking photos with it.

There is a Nutella type of chocolate hazelnut filling in the center, and it’s delicious. This is one time we wish our cupcake had more filling rather than less. We really loved everything about this cupcake except the fondant (which, to be fair, nobody really loves fondant).

These treats are pretty, but we would return for a cupcake and pass on the lemonade next time. The lemonade is just too sweet. The cupcake is delicious, especially with that filling! Will you be getting any of the new Arendelle Aqua treats?