REVIEW: New Arendelle Aqua Victoria Sponge Cake from Yorkshire County Fish Shop is Dainty and Delicious at Epcot

Arendelle Aqua is the new color trend right now and we’re loving it! After getting all the new merchandise at the V.I.Passholder Event at Epcot, we decided to make our way around to World Showcase and try some of the delicious new offerings! We stopped into the United Kingdom to check on the new Arendelle Aqua Victoria Sponge Cake from Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

It’s $4.29, which is very reasonable for the delicious treat you get.

It’s served in a plastic to-go container, so it’s the perfect treat to grab before the fireworks.

There is a lovely aqua buttercream visible between two fluffy golden layers of sponge cake. The sponge cake is incredibly soft and fluffy and dusted with powdered sugar.

Inside is a thick layer of strawberry jam. It’s very solid in texture, not runny, and has a nice taste. The buttercream has a sugary, dense taste that really compliments the fluffy cake.

This is definitely an Arendelle Aqua treat we will be returning for! We might just be obsessed with these delicious Victoria Sponge Cakes from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom.