Iron Man flight combat from the 20-minute Gamescom demo for Marvel's Avengers

VIDEO: Watch 20 Minutes of New Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Footage

As Gamescom week comes and goes we have got a more extensive look at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming AAA super hero game, Marvel’s Avengers. While the game’s official reveal a few months back at E3 left some people a little mixed on this highly anticipated game, the new look we have now will surely turn things around for some doubters.

Remember the A-Day Prologue mission previously shown? Well, this new look shows a straight 20-minutes of gameplay from that mission, providing far better context for what this game is all about.

The demo above begins with Thor and Iron Man flying into battle. The first section of gameplay is all Thor melee combat, which proves to look quite similar to Kratos’ combat style from the highly beloved God of War franchise. Thor is able to throw his hammer, expelling enemies far away from him, and then suddenly call his hammer back into his hand.

The demo then transitions over to Iron Man gameplay, featuring flight combat. Iron Man has a variety of abilities, including an energy beam that shoots from his suit, allowing him to deal massive damage to a group of enemies. The demo then switches over to Hulk, who well, can smash the heck of out stuff. What else did you expect? Of course, with all the giant green strength comes some cool finishing moves.

The next segment is Captain America’s combat section, which bares some similarity to Thor’s gameplay. Cap can throw his signature shield boomerang style, causing it to return back him every time. It appears the main difference between Thor and Captain American’s combat styles is that Captain America seems to move and throw punches much quicker, meaning Thor likely puts out more damage due to his slower movement speed.

After an action-packed cutscene, the demo wraps up with a Black Widow gameplay section. Black Widow seems to have the most varied gameplay style, as she can engage in hand-to-hand combat, shoot guns, and she’s super quick and acrobatic. After Black Widow’s boss fight encounter the demo comes to a close, offering a comprehensive look at what players can expect from the final product.

Does this extended gameplay demo have you now more excited for the game? Marvel’s Avengers will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on May 15, 2020.

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