PHOTOS: New Pavement Poured and Steel Structure Expanded for Arrival Experience Enhancements at the Magic Kingdom

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom lately, it’s impossible not to notice the massive construction project underway at the park’s front entrance. It’s especially apparent when arriving to the park by monorail. This construction is all a part of Magic Kingdom’s new arrival experience, which will be completed in time for the resort’s 50th anniversary.

If you’re arriving to Magic Kingdom by ferry boat, you’re especially impacted by construction. The pathway to the ticket gates almost feels like a maze of green construction walls.

Since our last construction update, as you walk towards the MagicBand touchpoints, fresh red concrete has been poured on the right side construction area. The addition of this new concrete shows by comparison just how faded the existing concrete was. You can also see a large drain, as puddles tend to be an issue in this area.

No major changes have happened on the left side construction area. More wood has been added to form possible planters.

On the construction area closest to the water, more beams have been added to extend the steel structure, almost doubling it in length. This new structure could possibly be a new security screening area or a covered waiting area, similar to the existing tent-like structure guests wait under for the ferry boat.

We’re curious to see how Magic Kingdom’s front entrance will look once completed. Has the construction at Magic Kingdom’s front entrance been an inconvenience for you? Hopefully, once completed, it will be worth it.

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