PHOTOS: New Guest Walkway Opens as Part of Arrival Enhancements at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jambo, everyone! Today, we took a trip over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check on the tram construction and any changes to the arrival experience here. This project began this past May and has been progressing slowly. If you remember from one of our latest updates, all of the transportation drop-off locations have since been adjusted. Now, it appears that the area has received a newly paved walkway ahead of the new tram loop opening.

This is the current makeshift parking lot tram drop off pick up area for the Animal Kingdom guest parking lot. It is now located significantly further away than its original location at the very front of bag check. It actually lines up with the current disability parking section on the left.

Work progresses from within these construction fences as new concrete forms and foundations are established for the new tram loop.

Over to the right of the parking lot is the new walkway that leads up to the park. New grey and green pavement has been poured over in sections. This new walkway opened recently as part of arrival enhancements to the area.

Additional signage lines the fences directing guests towards the park entrance.

If you look closely at the ground near the entrance, you can see the patchwork of both old and new pavement.

Fences line the area over by the entrance to the park as well. According to permits, the new tram area is set to receive a new, covered shade structure, with potential for new security screening areas as well.

There is currently no set opening date for the finalized tram loop and enhanced arrival experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.