PHOTOS: New Open Edition “The Incredibles” Edna Mode and Jack-Jack MagicBand Arrives at Walt Disney World

Auntie Edna and Jack-Jack from “The Incredibles” are having a great evening in, complete with Cookie Num Nums and superhero mischief! That’s right, the latest open edition MagicBand addition features the fashion designer and baby extraordinaire.

edna mode jack jack magicband 6

We spotted the all-black band thanks to the new packaging.

edna mode jack jack magicband 1

The band features one side full of Cookie Num Nums, plus Edna Mode smugly smirking after subduing the highly-dangerous Jack-Jack with a treat.

edna mode jack jack magicband 3 edna mode jack jack magicband 4

It’s a fun, minimalistic design for anyone looking to sport some Incredibles love on their MagicBand.

edna mode jack jack magicband 5

The “Bronze” price tag indicates that this is an open-edition band, retailing for $24.99.

edna mode jack jack magicband 2

We found it over at The Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. alongside other new open-edition bands like the Grumpy band and the Disney Princess band.

Do any of these new open-edition bands catch your eye? It’s nice that they are refreshing inventory beyond just limited edition releases.