PHOTOS: Special Star Tours Merchandise Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort December 2nd

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Bright suns from Tokyo Disneyland! Recently, we confirmed the news that a new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker-inspired scene is coming to Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris on December 20th. And with big news like this, there’s always merchandise to accompany here at Tokyo Disney Resort! So, let’s explore the special Star Tours-themed merchandise coming to Tokyo Disneyland on December 2nd!

Blanket – ¥4300 ($39.59)

Rucksack – ¥3900 ($35.90)

Phone Case – ¥2000 ($18.41)

Keychain – ¥1300 ($11.97)

Luggage Tag – ¥1000 ($9.21)

Boxer Shorts – ¥1900 ($17.49)

Pouch Set – ¥2800 ($25.78)

Water Bottle – ¥2700 ($24.86)

Golf Ball – ¥1700 ($15.65)

Wallet – ¥27000 ($248.56)

Wallet – ¥27000 ($248.56)

Tray – ¥1200 ($11.05)

Washcloth – ¥680 ($6.26)

Breath Mints – ¥600 ($5.52)

Mug – ¥1900 ($17.49)

Tomica Starspeeder – ¥1300 ($11.97)

Tomica Starspeeder – ¥1300 ($11.97)

Hoodie – ¥5900 ($54.32)

The theme with this line seems to be the destinations you can visit aboard Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Those Tomica Starspeeders (especially the black one) have me intrigued! I might have to land at Cosmic Encounter on December 2nd when the Star Tours merchandise is released! Until then, to the spires!

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