PHOTOS: New Transportation and Ticket Center Tram Structure Goes Vertical at Walt Disney World

While riding the monorail today, we noticed a new structure on one side of the construction at the Transportation and Ticket Center. The Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) is where the Magic Kingdom parking lot is located, and it’s also where guests can catch a bus, boat, or monorail wherever they need to go.

The TTC has been under construction for quite a while, with not many notable changes so far, but we spotted this new framework, which looks like it could possibly be used for a security screening area in the future.

This looks like the perfect spot for a bag check after the tram drops you off.

At least there will be shade.

The pavement looks pretty fresh on the back side of the structure. We’re looking forward to this work finishing up quickly at the TTC, so be sure to keep following for more.