REVIEW: New Avocado Toast with Egg is the Perfect Meal Any Time of Day at Capt. Cook’s in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Aloha from Capt. Cook’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! We stopped into the resort’s quick service location and noticed a new addition to their menu which sparked our interest. The new Avocado Toast with Egg is advertised by small signs near each of the registers, and is served all day, not just breakfast. This already sounds like a winner to me.

The sign describes the toast as topped with egg, cheddar, goat cheese, arugula, and tomato on multigrain bread for $11.29. The description sounds amazing, but we’re really curious to see what we actually get served.

Okay, I’m a little speechless. This actually looks like an amazing meal and not some disaster attempt at “healthy” options. Fresh arugula, goat cheese, tomatoes, and a drizzle of tangy sour cream top off the entire thing. Underneath, you’ll find an egg omelet, a layer of avocado spread, and crispy multigrain toast. This was way more than we expected from the description, and looks well worth the price.

This is really a fantastic meal and can be ordered any time of the day here at Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort. The goat cheese was incredible and there was plenty of it, so you could spread it around and enjoy. Avocado is always a winner, even if does get a little lost under all of the other flavors happening here. I’m picky about quick service eggs, but this cheese omelet was egg-cellent.

The toast stayed crispy and crunchy, even piled high with so many toppings, but this is more of a knife-and-fork kind of meal. The tomatoes and arugula fall off pretty quickly if you try to pick it up, so use caution if you’re going to brave eating it with your hands.

Everything about this meal was enjoyable and it really makes a great addition to the menu. We love seeing new, creative additions like this one, especially when they’re executed so well. It’s even better that you can order this one any time of the day.

If avocado isn’t your thing, be sure to head upstairs to Kona Cafe for their new Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Pancakes. Enjoy!