REVIEW: Fantastic Mimosa Flight at Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure


REVIEW: Fantastic Mimosa Flight at Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure


REVIEW: Fantastic Mimosa Flight at Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure

Great news for brunch lovers, day drinkers, and those who just love mimosas; Lamplight Lounge is running a brunch special all weekend in celebration of Gay Days from October 4-6. In honor of the gay weekend brunch, mimosa flights will be available all day. Hooray!

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 03

Mimosa Flight – $25.00

At first glance, $25 seems a bit steep for what you are assuming will be tiny sips of odd-tasting mimosas (I’m looking at you, Festival of Holidays.) However, we suggest swinging by here to try these before they are gone.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 04

It may not include all the colors of the rainbow, but this is still a fun display. Your flight comes with four rather generous pours that will definitely leave you satisfied and buzzed.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 02

From left to right, you get a Peach Mango Mimosa, Watermelon Mimosa, Mint Orange Mimosa, and Grapefruit Mimosa.

Peach Mango Mimosa

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 06

Of the four, this was our third favorite. The flavors were more peach than mango, but this was a bit sweet and had a syrupy consistency. Still very good compared to all the mimosas we’ve tried, but there are better ones waiting. If you like peach, you’ll enjoy this.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 05

Watermelon Mimosa

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 09

If you’ve ever wondered what bubbly watermelon tastes like, look no further. This was our least favorite, but this was still very drinkable. We personally think watermelon is perfect as-is and maybe shouldn’t be mixed into a drink, but I’m sure there are plenty out there who disagree. This tastes just like watermelon mixed with some delicious bubbling champagne.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 10

In case you didn’t know; it comes with a watermelon ball just to remind you that it is in fact, watermelon.

Orange Mint Mimosa

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 07

This was our second favorite and tastes the most like the classic mimosa we all know and love. The tiny sprig of mint used as garnish just adds enough fanciness to remind you that you are waterside at Disney California Adventure. This had a great texture and went down smooth.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 08

Would have no problem drinking full size portions of these all day.

Grapefruit Mimosa

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 011

Don’t let the raspberry garnish fool you, this is all grapefruit. (Which left us wondering, “Why raspberries?”) This was light, refreshing and just boozy enough to leave us wanting more.

DCA Rainbow Mimosa Flight 012

Could definitely drink these all day as well. Overall, we really enjoyed our mimosa flight and felt it was worth the price tag. Rainbow Pride food offerings run through October 6th so be sure to try these quick before they are gone!

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