REVIEW: New Olaf’s Fall Cheesecake, Nokk Caramel Mousse, and “Frozen” Orange Cream Soda at Kringla Bakeri in EPCOT

While the rest of EPCOT is really embracing the Christmas feeling, Norway’s Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe introduced a trio of new sweet treats with flavors geared toward fall… and Frozen.

The lineup includes a Fall Cheesecake, a Caramel Mousse, and a Frozen Orange Cream Soda in a souvenir cup.

Fall Cheesecake – $5.99 or a Snack Credit

The Fall Cheesecake is just like any other Disney World cheesecake – super sweet, kind of squishy, and has a thin, crushed graham cracker base. There are three layers of colored cheesecake in a yellow, orange, and red shade, all atop that thin graham cracker crust. Leaf-shaped sprinkles and a white chocolate piece with Olaf top this yummy treat.

The Olaf chocolate piece is a cute visual, but is lacking in flavor and truly adds nothing to the taste of the dessert. Also, placing Olaf on a fall dessert seems like an interesting choice. He would be better suited for a summer treat, given his deep love for the season, or a winter treat, given that he is… you know… a snowman. Regardless, he’s still pretty adorable.

Caramel Mousse – $5.99 or a Snack Credit

The Caramel Mousse is a bit more… interesting than the Fall Cheesecake. For the outside and presentation, the mousse is covered in an icy blue kind of gel icing with a slick texture, some white nonpareil sprinkles, and a white chocolate medallion featuring Elsa and Nokk, which offers some sort of foreshadowing for Frozen 2.

Underneath the strange gel icing, the mousse itself is caramel flavored. The expectation for a mousse is that it will be creamy and smooth, but this one was a little grainy. Under the mousse sits a bar of vanilla cake for structure, but the texture of the mousse and the cake do not pair well together.

Deeper into the center of the mousse is a liquid caramel surprise. Overall, this treat has five extremely conflicting textures going on, and it is a little too much all at once. Just like the Olaf chocolate piece, this Elsa and horse chocolate medallion is lacking in flavor and only adds a cute visual to the dessert.

Frozen Orange Cream Soda in a Souvenir Cup – $12.19

The Frozen Orange Cream Soda tastes exactly like what the title details. It is a creamy vanilla and orange drink that has been put through a frozen drink machine. Be warned, the drink is extremely sweet! It is delicious in small sips and could easily be shared between a family as a nice, cooling dessert. The souvenir cup is a tall, white cup with a blue base, clear lid, and blue bendy straw. One side of the cup has a smiling Olaf and the other has a proud Elsa. Both sides also read “Frozen 2.”

The drink itself tastes a lot like the contents of the popular Orange Bird sipper from the 2019 Flower and Garden Festival… just frozen and icy.

Due to the cool nature of each of these desserts, they all melt fast in this steamy Orlando weather. Be sure to gobble them up before they start sliding around!

Will you be trying any of these chilly treats to help beat the late October heat at Disney World? Let us know what you think of these new desserts!