Dining and Show Reservations Now Available to Book in English on Tokyo Disney Resort Website

Fantastic news for foreign tourists to Tokyo Disney Resort! Until recently, the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations website only offered English as an option for reserving hotel stays and buying tickets. Very recently, however, the Oriental Land Company has quietly added support in English for dining and dinner shows! Now a larger number of Guests can plan ahead for their Tokyo Disney Resort adventure without navigating Google Translate!

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To access show and dining reservations, visit the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations website in English and click “Other”. You can also select “Restaurant” or “Show Restaurant” from above.

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You can search by date, meal time, and even which park or hotel!

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Once you’ve given your search criteria, the system will inform you of available reservations. Please note that you will be required to log in through a Disney account to complete your reservation. Registration options are available for both residents and non-residents of Japan.

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All of your details will be confirmed. Let’s say, for example, that Tom Corless wanted lunch at Magellan’s on November 12th. He would be able to see all of his registered information and verify, without jumping through hoops in Google Translate. Pretty nifty, right?

This change is a long time coming. Booking dining reservations online has been notoriously difficult for non-Japanese speakers for years now, so its nice to see OLC adapting to the tourism market. With the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations site fully in English, who knows what comes next? I would hope that the Tokyo Disney Resort Official App will be available in English at some point. As tourism grows to Japan, adjusting for the market will make things easier both for Guests and Cast Members!

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