REVIEW: New Citrus-Cranberry Thanksgiving Cupcake is So Good, You’ll Want to Gobble It Up at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT

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What better way to celebrate Turkey Day than with an adorable turkey cupcake? The Thanksgiving Cupcake has strut its way into Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT.

This little guy receives five stars for cuteness. He’s all yours for $5.99.

How can you resist that little beard and those goofy eyes? His eyes remind me of google eyes from elementary school art class. We’ve established that this cupcake is cute enough to squeeze, but how did it taste?

Let’s start with the icing. Even though there was heaps of it, it wasn’t overpowering. The bottom, brown layer of icing is a chocolate buttercream, while the different colored icing is traditional vanilla buttercream with food coloring.


The turkey topping caught us off guard. It’s a chewy fudge candy, rather than a piece of chocolate (like on most Disney desserts). It has a slight fruity aftertaste too, similar to a Turkish delight. We like that this type of candy was used for the topping, because it held its shape and didn’t start to melt in the hot Florida sun.

The cake was a basic yellow cake with pieces of dried cranberry.

We didn’t pardon this turkey. We sliced this cupcake open and we were pleasantly surprised by the gooey filling in the center. The middle had a jammy citrus filling that was tangy and refreshing. It paired nicely with the cranberry cake to make the ultimate holiday combination.

We enjoyed this holiday treat immensely and highly recommend it. It was so yummy that we gobbled it up. (Get it… gobbled?) We’ll end our bad turkey puns here. Will you be trying the new Thanksgiving Cupcake at Sunshine Seasons?

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