REVIEW: New Peppermint Bubble Waffle and Cherry Jubilee Crepe Make Our Spirits Bright at AristoCrepes in Disney Springs

Nothing puts us in the holiday mood more than Christmas treats! Aristocrepes decided to make the season merry by including two new holiday offerings on their menu. Let’s see if these desserts make our spirits bright!

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First up is the Cherry Jubilee!


This dessert gets points for presentation. The colors really pop off the plate. The crepe is dyed with a green food coloring and tastes like your run-of-the-mill sweet crepe.



The black cherry liquor sauce is beautifully drizzled across the crepe, making for a photogenic treat. Now let’s get to how it tastes.


Unfortunately, this Cherry Jubilee didn’t taste as good as it looked. The crepe was fine, but our issues was with the filling. The crepe was filled with copious amounts of mascarpone cheese. The black cherry sauce was enjoyable tart, but when taking a bite with every element of the dish, the cheese overpowered everything. This made every bite bland. The Romanoff Chantilly cream offered no real flavor to the dish, adding to the overall blandness.


We can understand the goal of this dish. The Mascarpone cheese filling was supposed to balance the strong tartness of the cherry sauce. The proportions of each ingredient seemed a little out of whack, so we can’t recommend this dessert.

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Let’s shake off the bad and get to the good stuff! Say hello to our new favorite sweet treat at Disney Springs.


After tasting the Peppermint Bubble Waffle, we could not stop raving!


The bubble waffle was cooked to perfection, crispy on the edges while soft in the middle. It had a chocolate sauce drizzled over it and was delicious all on its own.


Whipped cream ripples covered the top of dessert with more drizzles of choclate sauce. The sprinkles were made out of real crushed candy cane, adding a strong pop of peppermint taste on top. Two pieces of peppermint bark chocolate were used to garnish the dish. The chocolate consisted of two layers, one white and the other milk chocolate.


Underneath all of the toppings were giant scoops of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. The ice cream’s flavor is classic cool, smooth mint. It’s not heavy on the chocolate chips. Any other flavor of ice cream would have made this dessert too sugary with too much going on, but the mint chocolate-chip ice cream tames the sweetness nicely.

From looking at this dessert, it may seem too decadent, but we promise it’s not. It’s well crafted, so that all of elements work together, which is the mark of a good ice cream sundae. We know we’ll be going back to Aristocrepes for another Peppermint Bubble Waffle! Will you be going?