REVIEW: Sleigh Ride Slush, Wonderland Hot Chocolate, and Holiday Egg Nog at Hollywood Lounge – Holiday 2019 at Disney California Adventure Park

Hooray for Hollywood, and hooray for seasonal drinks! This year at Hollywood Lounge in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park, there are many new drinks you can try! We tried the Sleigh Ride Slush, Wonderland Hot Chocolate, and Holiday Egg Nog. Will they make your holiday taste list? Come find out!

hollywood lounge

The line was about 5 minutes.

hollywood lounge

Here’s a look at the menu.

Sleigh Ride Slush (Cranberry-Apple Lemonade Frozen Slush) – $5.49

hollywood lounge

This slush has a deep pink color and comes in a clear plastic cup.

hollywood lounge

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you would try to see how long you could keep a piece of sour candy in your mouth? Similar situation going on here. This drink is exceptionally acidic and was a little bit too much for us. Small tiny ice crystals added the same consistency that most slushes have. The cranberry-apple taste was apparent, but all that came to our minds with ever sip was the sour taste. You can also see that a lot of the liquid is condensing at the bottom of the drink. This was problematic and led to sips of just sour juice.

hollywood lounge

The size of the drink is pretty small, but you don’t need much more than that. If you’re on the hunt for a sour drink, then make your way over to the Hollywood Lounge to try this seasonal drink. The Sleigh Ride Slush was not for us, but if you try it, let us know what you think!

Wonderland Hot Chocolate (with Peppermint Schnapps, topped with Whipped Cream, Crushed Peppermint, and a Glow cube) – $17.50

peppermint hot chocolate dca

We made our way back over to the Hollywood Lounge at night to try the two alcoholic drinks. The first one we tried was the Wonderland Hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate concoction was nothing extraordinary and not worth the money. The drink came in a small plastic cup that included a Mickey glow cube. The drink itself tasted like basic hot chocolate and was somewhat watery. We could barely taste the peppermint schnapps; there was just a small hint of it. The whipped cream topped with crushed peppermint had a fresh minty taste but did not make the drink.

peppermint hot chocolate dca

For $17.50, there is no way we would purchase this again. With hot chocolate being a traditional holiday beverage, we were looking for a fun twist on the drink, but we did not receive that.

Holiday Egg Nog (Holiday Egg Nog with Spiced Rum) – $12.25

egg nog drink dca Hollywood lounge

If you like egg nog, you’ll be a fan of this beverage. Served on ice, this drink is smooth and creamy with a delightful milky taste. The egg nog flavor was delicious and very present; the spiced rum wasn’t as strong. The spiced rum did add a little bit of flavor to the beverage, but no as much as we were hoping for.

hollywood lounge

The top of the drink had a small layer of froth, but it did not add to much flavor to the drink.

churro drink dca Hollywood lounge

The size of this drink was also petite, and there was a large amount of ice. While the drink was great, we don’t think it’s worth $12.25.

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