REVIEW: Sven’s Super Sweet Carrot Cake and Dry Tamales at Pecos Bill’s for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 in the Magic Kingdom

It seems Sven has gotten lost and wandered into Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe! It seems to be okay though, as they made him his very own carrot cake, and some tamales just in case. Both Sven’s Carrot Cake and the Jolly Tamale Christmas are party exclusive snacks for the 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Sven’s Carrot Cake – $5.99

Carrot Cake topped with Cream Cheese Icing, Sugar Carrots, and a Sven Chocolate Piece

Pecos Bill always does these little tray desserts, and more often than not, they’re just sugary treats and little else. Sven may be a cute addition, but this is little more than a tub of sweet cake and even sweeter icing.

While the base of the cake is actually delicious and moist, there’s just way too much frosting on here, and it completely overpowers the dessert. The sugar carrots are literally just pressed sugar, making this a very one-note dessert. We’d probably skip this.

Jolly Tamale Christmas – $11.99

Three House-made Tamales filled with Shredded Chicken and a trip to the Fixings Bar

Notice how the description of these tamales includes “a trip to the Fixings Bar.” They know how dry these are, and unfortunately, there’s no amount of toppings that can save these dry cornmeal tamales.

The presentation is neat and authentic as they’re served wrapped in these corn husks. These are usually filled, wrapped, tied, and then steamed.

In case anyone needs to hear this, please untie and unwrap these before eating. Do not eat the outer husk… unless you feel a sudden hankering for plant fibers.

If you want to try these, they’re a neat option, just make sure you really load up on those toppings, because you’re going to need them.

Are you having a holly Jolly Tamale Christmas at this party, or have you been indulging in other snacks?

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