PHOTOS: Latest EPCOT Construction Update (Park Entrance, Innoventions, Space 220, Guardians of the Galaxy, and More) 12/23/19


PHOTOS: Latest EPCOT Construction Update (Park Entrance, Innoventions, Space 220, Guardians of the Galaxy, and More) 12/23/19


PHOTOS: Latest EPCOT Construction Update (Park Entrance, Innoventions, Space 220, Guardians of the Galaxy, and More) 12/23/19

From ticketing to the France Pavilion, EPCOT sometimes feels like one big construction site. But here’s the good news: progress is moving quickly! Here, we’ve gathered all the latest EPCOT construction updates, starting from the parking lot up to the World Showcase entrance.

Park Entrance

EPCOT Construction 122219 Ground Work

As guests approach the park on the monorail, we can see work on new utility lines continues outside the main entrance between security checkpoints and the parking lot.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Pathway Clearing

Work on the new paving between the east parking tram drop-off and the security checkpoints is also progressing.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Entrance Work

EPCOT Construction 122219 Entrance Construction

A wider look shows where new sidewalks are being poured and landscaping planted.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Tram Stop

Paving on the east tram loop looks nearly finished while work on the sidewalks continues.

Entrance Fountain

Friday, most of the construction walls just after the entrance of EPCOT were removed, and we finally saw the completed walkways and planters created as part of Project Gamma. But there’s still more work to be done: the new entrance fountain is still undergoing construction. Here’s the progress we’ve seen over the last week.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Fountain Work

epcot entrance reopening planters monorail shots dec 2019 2

New EPCOT Entrance Fountain 12/18/19 4

We noticed some big gray pieces appeared on top of the white base, which is the foundation for the fountain. The gray pieces are the actual exterior of the fountain and are what we will see when it is finished.

New EPCOT fountain concept art 12/18/19

A rendering of the fountain can be seen just below Spaceship Earth in the artist concept above. The fountain was designed as a call-back to the original entry fountain that was once in EPCOT.

Pathway to Future World

EPCOT Entrance 121119 West Walkway

In front of Innoventions East, we see paving has been completed on the new bypass pathway that will lead to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and the Play Pavilion.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana Cast Walkway

To the west of Spaceship Earth, expansion of the walkways that will eventually lead to the Moana – Journey of Water trail continues to progress.

EPCOT Entrance 121119 Cast Walkway

In time, the new concrete will connect to this existing backstage walkway.

EPCOT Entrance 121119 East Walkway Pave Ending

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana Path

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana Walls

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana Pathway

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana Planters

From above, we can see that work continues on the planters behind the greenery as well as construction on the Moana-themed barriers.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Moana From Seas

Over by The Seas with Nemo & Friends, guests are greeted by the construction walls that will eventually lead to the western bypass to the park entrance.

Future World

Construction on Future World started to show more and more signs of accelerated progress this week.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Innoventions Side Missing

Over at Innoventions West, we can see that the final wall has been removed from the old structure that housed Club Cool.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Innoventions Rear

Only two segments of windows remain to be taken out before all that remains is metal work.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Fountain of nations

EPCOT Construction 122219 Innoventions inside

At the former Fountain of Nations site, the ground has been completely leveled.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Guardians paving

To the side of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind building, only a few more segments of walkway remain to be poured.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Guardians Entrance

Frame work has been put into place for more sidewalks out by the entrance to the attraction.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Play Pavilion

Work on the Play Pavilion has seemingly not shown much progress beyond the land clearing that has been completed.

EPCOT Construction 122219 materials storage

Behind the walls by Mission: SPACE, we can also see where more materials have been stored, including new retaining walls and bricks.

EPCOT Future World 121119 Garden Work

EPCOT Future World 121119 Walkway to Mouse Gear e1576094940831

Guests walking to and from Mouse Gear through the rear entrance walk over the lines being laid underneath this wood cover on the ground.

EPCOT Future World 121419 East Paving

Work on the expanded walkway between Test Track and Future World is progressing, with new cement poured. Additional framing is being laid out, while electrical work ahead of light placement continues.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Bathrooms

Work in front of the restrooms is beginning to also take shape with new sidewalk paving framework and utility pipes having been brought in.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Landscaping Ground View

EPCOT Future World 121119 The Land

Work on the area between Imagination and The Land progresses.

EPCOT Construction 122219 Landscaping Upper View

We can see that the construction includes new utility lines and the beginnings of a small brick structure behind the green fencing.

EPCOT Future World 121119 Space 220 Wide

EPCOT Future World 121119 Space 220 Workers

Space 220 Restaurant saw some work being completed today, with workers on-site performing various tasks.

EPCOT Future World 121119 Space 220 Entry

The entrance is still covered by construction walls.

That does it for our look at the construction work inside EPCOT. Stay tuned as we continue to track the progress of the park’s reimagining.