PHOTOS: EPCOT Entrance Area and Fountain Construction Update 12/13/19

Work is continuing at a fast pace on the EPCOT Entrance enhancements. We took another look at the latest work today to see what is new.

New planters are being placed below the monorail lines at the entrance.

The new loop for the secondary tram is also going to go in here.

The loop work is continuing quickly after the walls were expanded.



The new planters are taking shape more and more by the day.

Work on the new entrance fountain is also ongoing.

From the other side, we can see other work going on for new walkways.

The walkways are starting to take shape as well, which hopefully means we will see this side of the entrance open sooner rather than later.

To the left of Spaceship Earth, we can see new walkways being shaped that will lead to the center of World Celebration.

On the right site of Spaceship Earth, more work is going on with the walkway that may end up being a temporary bypass past construction.

Work is also progressing on the cement work towards the entrance.

More construction equipment is in place as well as utility lines behind the walls here.

A wider angle shows the extent of the work going on here.

We will continue to monitor the walkway work going on at EPCOT, so stay tuned!

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