PHOTOS: More Slats Added to TRON Lightcycle Run Building and Concrete Poured Around Launch at the Magic Kingdom

Are you ready to be transported into “The Grid?” Cue that Daft Punk soundtrack! Let’s get our game on and take a look at what’s been happening at the TRON Lightcycle Run construction site in Magic Kingdom.

The best view of the show building can be seen from The Barnstormer queue in Storybook Circus. Fewer cranes were onsite than in the past few weeks.

The show building is almost fully covered in slats. Just a few weeks ago, only half of this work had been completed. Once the slat work is finished, wall panels will begin to go up.

Workers were actively installing slats while we were watching. Portions of the interior track are covered in a white material to preserve them during the building process.

Slats are now being added to small section of the building that juts out (likely the maintenance bay). There were a lot of crew members in that area today.

The best view of TRON is on the PeopleMover.

Building supplies and the area being excavated now extend further back towards the launch area of the coaster.

More rebar and concrete posts have been erected in the outdoor part of the attraction. Our best guess is that these posts will support the massive canopy that covers the coaster’s exterior section. More concrete has been poured around the base of the track near track’s launch section.

Blue tarp conceals whatever work has been done on the track’s reentry point back into the show building.

TRON Lightcycle Run is set to open in 2021, which in our opinion can’t get here fast enough. For a closer look at the ride vehicle, cast member costumes, and concept art, click here. Will you be riding TRON? Let us know in the comments!