PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Collection Jewelry Line Shines at Walt Disney World

Well, ladies, there’s only a couple days left ’til Christmas. So whether you need to rewrite your letter to Santa or give some “hint, hint, wink, winks” to your partner, this is the time to do so.

Early this morning, we spotted a whole new line of (expensive) jewelry in the Magic Kingdom that will certainly make you glitter and shine during the holidays. So, let’s see what you can treat yourself to.

Uptown Jewelers

Mickey and Minnie Bracelets: $600-$650

Starting out, we spotted some dainty Mickey and Minnie bracelets. The Minnie which is a gold bracelet that features little diamonds inside of the biggest circle. The Mickey is a silver bracelet with colored stones lining the inside. The Mickey bracelet is $650, and the Minnie bracelet is $600.

Mickey and Minnie Earrings: $600-$650

There are also earrings that match the bracelets. The Minnie earrings are studded, and the Mickey ones have colored stones inside. The Mickey bracelet and both pair of earrings cost $650 each, while the Minnie bracelet is $600.

Mickey and Minnie Necklaces: $850

If you’re not much of a bracelet person or are looking to splurge on the entire three-piece set, you can also get the same design in a pendant. Though the bracelets are different prices, the necklace versions are both $850 for some reason.

Assorted Necklace and Earring Sets: $450-$900

You can also grab necklace and earring sets, if you’re so inclined.

horizontal mickey necklaces

This necklace features a silver bar with a stone-encrusted Mickey head adorning it.

vertical mickey earrings

The studded earrings have a similar design, with a now vertical versus horizontal bar finished with a tiny Mickey Mouse! The necklace is $800, while the matching earrings are $900.

tinker bell earrings necklace

tinker bell earrings

This design was a little harder for us to figure out. It is a gold Tinker Bell surrounded by pixie dust. Both the earrings and necklace feature more or less the same design and are $600 and $550, respectively.

crown necklace

crown earrings

And the last of the sets feature Princess Aurora’s crown in a gold setting with tiny crystals lining the bottom. The necklace comes in at $850 while the earrings are the cheapest of the bunch at $450.

Cinderella’s Carriage Necklace & Earrings: $1,000-$1,300

carriage jewelry set

The theme of necklace and earring sets continue with Cinderella’s carriage. A quintessential Disney icon, the carriage features clear and blue crystals and ring in at $1,300 for the necklace and $1,000 for the earrings.

Assorted Pendants and Rings: $550-$1,650

For necklaces, from left to right:

  • For the most expensive new item of the bunch, you can purchase a gold pendant that features the iconic Partners statue. This necklace rings in at $1,650 and in my opinion, is a really nice piece of jewelry and for something so iconic you don’t see the statue represented in jewelry often.
  • On the lower end of things, you can also grab a silver necklace featuring Cinderella Castle for $550.
  • There is also a set of dog tags available: you can grab the gold plated one with a little hidden Mickey in the corner or a silver tag with a Mickey silhouette cut out in the center. Each of these will cost you $1,500.

Our last find were these two Mickey rings. The one to the left of the necklaces, which is on the daintier side, features deep pink stones forming a Mickey head on a diamond-lined band and costs $1,150. The one to the right of the necklaces features the same Mickey silhouette from the dog tag and pairs nicely with the design and comes in at $1,250.

There’s apparently no specific brand attached to the jewelry and if purchased you will receive all the items in a generic Disney Parks Collection box. All of these pieces and more can be found at Uptown Jewelers on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. So will you be picking up some new jewels or are these a little out of your price range?