PHOTOS: New Permanent Security Screening Area Now Open at the Magic Kingdom

We arrived bright and early at the Magic Kingdom this morning to find the new security screening checkpoint is now open. We’ve been following the progress for some time now, and the project is finally complete.

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As we approached the old security checkpoint from the bus, we noticed the tables and metal detectors have been removed. The covering is still there, as well as the Walk Around The World Bricks (including mine!), but not for long.

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The new check point has temporary tables still for bag check and metal detectors behind them. It’s located closest to the bus stop and will be utilized by guests coming in by bus. (Guests using the ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom are screened at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Those walking over from Disney’s Contemporary Resort are screened halfway through that walkway. Monorail guests are screened either at the TTC or at a monorail resort prior to boarding. Those arriving by resort boats are screened at the dock.)

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It was still pretty dark when we arrived this morning, so we stopped back this afternoon to take a few more photos in the daylight.

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Only a few small sections around the entrance of the Magic Kingdom are unfinished, but we’re looking forward to a speedier arrival experience in the future. What do you think of all the changes to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom?