Space 220 12/23/19 6

PHOTOS: New Themed Exterior Details Added to Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT

On our most recent trip to EPCOT, we went to check in on the progress on the Space 220 restaurant set to open in February 2020.

Space 220 12/23/19 6

For several months, the exterior of the building, which is right behind Mission: SPACE, was all plain gray concrete with scaffolding and fiberglass siding to the left.

Space 220 12/23/19 2

In recent weeks, the main building has been painted a nice shade of “Go Away Green”, Disney’s signature paint color meant to help things blend in.

Space 220 12/23/19 1

The fiberglass siding has now been overlaid with a gray concrete, which is still under tons of scaffolding as work continues.

Space 220 12/23/19 5

Space 220 12/23/19 7

If you look really close, you can see some carvings in the side of the gray concrete. The planetarium-style designs match the beige courtyard walls in Mission: SPACE. These will likely be painted over in a similar style.

After the delayed opening from Winter 2019 to February 2020 due to the head chef’s departure, we are even more anxious to chow down on delicious space food soon!

Keep an eye out for more cosmic updates on Space 220’s progress from WDW News Today.

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