PHOTOS: New “Frozen 2” Water Spirit and “Underwater Princess” Cupcakes are a Royal Treat at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Centertown Market at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has received the royal treatment. Two new cupcakes have arrived and they’re inspired by Disney royalty, Elsa and Ariel.

The cupcakes look pretty enough to serve at a regal affair, now let’s see how they taste.

Underwater Princess Cupcake – $5.49

The Ariel-inspired Underwater Princess cupcake uses the same color scheme as everyone’s favorite little mermaid. It’s topped with half green and half white traditional buttercream icing.

Crispy pearls line the edge of the icing, while a pinch of brown sugar is sprinkled on top to resemble sand. The shell is white chocolate covered in an edible purple paint. The paint job was a bit messy.

As for the inside, it was filled with more buttercream and the cake had a hint of lemon. The tastes in this cupcake were designed to please the palate of a five year old and reminded us of grocery store birthday cake.

Water Spirit Cupcake – $5.99

Alas! Yet another Frozen 2 dessert offering. Elsa would approve of this cupcake, because we all know how much her and Anna love chocolate. Sadly, our cupcake looked slightly different from the one on the menu board. The icing was a bit top heavy and skewed to one side.

The all of the icing is traditional buttercream, but it has been infused with peppermint flavoring. We tasted most of the peppermint on the top of the icing. The flavor faded as we got closer to the cake.

It’s topped with a white chocolate piece that features Elsa and Nokk. Crispy pearls and small white sprinkles were placed on the cupcake, adding a nice crunchy texture.

Excuse the mess (refer to the top heavy icing above)! When we dug into the actual cake, we discovered it was filled with a tasty, light sweet cream. It balanced out the rich chocolate cake to make a nice flavor combination. The Water Spirit Cupcake was almost like the cupcake version of a mint Oreo.

While neither cupcake was bad, they weren’t tasty enough to warrant a trip to Caribbean Beach Resort just to try them. They both have simple flavors and seem to be targeting the tastebuds of children. Will you be trying the Water Spirit Cupcake or the Underwater Princess Cupcake? Let us know in the comments.