REVIEW: Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Caramel Lattes, and Rivera Blend Cold Brew for Breakfast at the All-New Le Petit Cafe in Disney’s Riviera Resort

Pinkies up, because we’re back at Le Petit Café––not in Paris, but at Disney’s Riviera Resort! We’ve been making our way through the all-new resort, reviewing rooms, meals, and more, but after all that writing, you need a bit of a coffee break. Our favorite new nook in all of Walt Disney World property is Le Petit Cafe, the quaint coffee shop in the lobby of Riviera Resort. If you’re tired of hurriedly sipping coffee out of styrofoam cups, take a moment to relax and sip expertly crafted lattes out of porcelain mugs at Le Petit Cafe. You’ve probably seen the lounge’s extravagant pastries served in the afternoon and evening, but the morning is a much more laid-back affair, with buns, croissants, and loaves for breakfast.

This cafe is located on the second floor lobby of the resort, to the left as you walk in from the main entrance. The hanging, Art-Noveau styled sign fits the French-inspired resort theme perfectly, with both wine and coffee pictured as part of its offerings.

For a full tour of Le Petit Cafe, including a look at its artwork, seating, and intricate details, click here.

While this same case is packed with colorful tarts in the evening, in the morning, there are butter croissants, cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, chocolate chunk banana bread, and multigrain croissants.

Despite the lack of branding, the coffee and tea served here is from Joffrey’s. Unfortunately, the usual 20% Annual Passholder discount is not available here.

Additional pastries, like muffins and madeleines, are also on display in these glass cake stands.

Just looking at these breads with gold-embossed Mickey stamps, we knew we had to try one.

For a well-rounded, carb-loaded breakfast, we opted for a Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and a Cinnamon Roll, as well as a Riviera Resort Blend Cold Brew, and an off-menu Caramel Latte.

We’ll start off with the breakfast pastries.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – $5.99

If you can’t tell by the thick chocolate chunks, dense crumb, and glistening moist top, this banana bread is amazingly moist; likely the best we’ve ever had.

While not exactly Valrhona chocolate, which is extensively used by Topolino’s Terrace upstairs in their dessert menu, you can tell that this is still very high quality chocolate. The dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the banana bread.

You can tell that the pastry team here knows what they’re doing––this is exactly the kind of crumb you want to see in a baked good. Not too dry, not underbaked… just right. Definitely get the banana bread here if you’re a fan and are looking for a simple morning breakfast or snack.

Cinnamon Roll – $5.99

All of the pastries are served at case temperature here, so while you shouldn’t expect a warm and gooey roll, you can still certainly expect a delicious one.

This isn’t your average theme park cinnamon roll, with super flakey buttery layers of dough melded together with sweet, slightly hardened icing. While not as good as the banana bread, this is still a great option for cinnamon lovers.

Caramel Latte – $4.79

While service is slow at times inside Le Petit, the attention to detail is incredible, and this is why we say it’s worth sitting down and fully enjoying the space here. If you aren’t sure what coffee you want, the baristas here will work on making the perfect cup for you, and what comes out from behind the counter is far better than anything you can get at Starbucks. We asked for an off-menu Caramel Latte here, and it was perfectly sweetened to our specifications––the barista even offered to make us something different if it wasn’t up to par. I had a regular latte topped with house-made special whipped cream when we reviewed desserts initially, and it was also one of the best coffees I’ve had on property.

Riviera Resort Blend Cold Brew – $3.79

I’m a huge fan of Joffrey’s Shakin’ Jamaican Cold Brew, so much so that it’s hard to stray from it, even if it’s 40 degrees outside. Thankfully, the Riviera Resort blend is just as good, and feels special as an exclusive brew. It makes less of a difference here, but it’d also be nice to have cold drinks have the option of being served in a glass as opposed to a generic to-go cups. (More importantly, I’d love to see resort-themed to-go cups here, as they’ve all been generic so far.)

All in all, be it morning or afternoon, make sure you stop by Le Petit Cafe for pastries and coffee that make you truly feel like you’re on a quaint cafe in France and not a bustling, sweaty theme park.