REVIEW: New French Dip, Loaded Tots, Beaches & Cream Salmon Salad, Vegan Cookie Sticks, and Cotton Candy Stormalong Shake at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, Disney’s Beach Club Resort

We’re at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort to celebrate its official reopening after an extensive refurbishment. You’ve seen the menus. You’ve seen the new character-inspired interior. Now it’s time to do what we do best: eat! So sound the Kitchen Sink alarms (just kidding, we’re not getting a Kitchen Sink), because we’re about to dig in on some retro-classic snacks-–with a twist.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the remodeling, but with expanded seating and adorable character art, we honestly don’t hate it as much as we thought we would.

Somehow, they managed to update the space with fresh fixtures and updated amenities, while keeping with some of its original charm… and most importantly, they still have steak fries.

You can opt for a (partial) booth, standalone table, or a seat by the counter––there are even USB charging ports by the wall!

The popular restaurant has returned with those classic fan-favorite flavored sodas, malted milkshakes, hot-off-the-grill items, and of course, the beloved Kitchen Sink.

We opted to try some of the newer options, namely the French Dip, Loaded Tots, Cookie Sticks, and Cotton Candy Stormalong Shake. The amazing chef here later came by and offered us the new Beaches & Cream Salad to try, too!

Storm Along Shake – $15.00

Cotton Candy Shake topped with a Lifesaver Doughnut and served in a souvenir cup

The Storm Along Shake is a cotton candy shake topped by a beautiful life preserver donut.

The edge of the glass is coated in frosting and a layer of graham cracker crumbs.

The shake is labeled as cotton candy-flavored, but it tastes a bit like marshmallow. We loved it. It tasted like liquid Lucky Charms! It’s very creamy and smooth, and perfect for sipping while lounging at the pool. While the drink might not be sweet, the donut on top makes up for it. A glazed donut is decorated with white and red icing to give it the appearance of a pool life preserver.

We’ll be dreaming of this shake tonight. For maximum Instagramability, we recommend taking the shake outside so all the colors really pop!

Sock Hop Tots – $8.00

Tots topped with Cheese Sauce and Green Onions

The tots are nice and crispy with a layer of creamy cheese sauce. The sauce has a rich flavor, but not an overpowering cheese flavor like the liquid cheese in the parks. It’s topped with purple onions and scallions, which add a nice extra kick.

The sauce is kinda zesty, I wouldn’t say spicy, but has a slight kick that makes it taste even better than we expected. Overall, it’s delicious, and we would easily order another bowl.

French Dip Sandwich – $17.00

Toasted French Roll served with thinly-sliced Roast Beef, Swiss, Au Jus topped with Crispy-fried Onions

The French dip is fantastic. The roll is so soft on the outside and just slightly grilled on the inside. The meat is topped by cheese and crispy onion straws.

The Au Jus dip that adds just the right amount of flavor. I’m not a fan of French dip sandwiches, but this thing is blowing my mind with flavor. I would order this again, too.

The side of steak fries is small. They’re good, but maybe we would prefer the tots next time.

Beaches & Cream Salad – $14.00 (Add Chicken – $5.00 | Add Salmon – $7.00)

A Blend of Romaine, Kale, and Arugula tossed in a Red Wine Vinaigrette, topped with Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Red Onions, Sliced Radishes, and Feta

The salad comes topped with your choice of salmon or chicken for an additional cost.

Radishes, cucumber, tomato, onions, and carrots are mixed in as well as a vinaigrette dressing. The warm salmon with the cool greens is a delicious choice if you’re burned out on burgers and fries.

The salmon is served warm and absolutely phenomenal. It just falls apart so easily and is perfectly cooked. It’s tender and perfectly seasoned. There’s no fishy taste, just a high quality salmon filet served over a bed of fresh greens.

Cookie Fries with Dipping Sauces – $8.00

Plant-based Cookie Fries with assorted Dips

Okay, they’ve knocked it out of the park with this dessert. Last thing on our table was the cookie fries, which come with three dipping sauces.

The best part is that they are completely vegan. Yes, even the sauces. Strawberry, chocolate, and marshmallow (without gelatin) dips are perfect for sharing. They come served in a cute little fry basket, which adds to the fun.

The cookies are very thick and filling and there are plenty of them that come with the order. They’ve got the perfect crunch and a nice chocolate chip taste.

We wouldn’t have guessed this was vegan if it weren’t listed on the menu. This is a great alternative for those that can’t have ice cream, too.

Overall, we could not be happier with the new menu at Beaches & Cream. I know it’s a sensitive subject due to the nostalgia it holds over so many fans, but all of the old staples are back and better than ever, and the new items are sure to welcome a new generation of soda shop fans to Walt Disney World.

For a full tour of the newly renovated restaurant, check out the video below: