PHOTOS: Entrance Rerouted and More Walls Added as “it’s a small world” Queue Construction Continues

We shared with you yesterday that the queue of “it’s a small world” would be undergoing significant refurbishment. Well, today a lot more walls were added and you can finally see what the scope of the work will be.

The stand-by entrance of “it’s a small world” is now inaccessible due to construction walls blocking off the entrance. You can see the sign stating “stand-by” entrance is now covered by a blue wood covering.

“it’s a small world” of construction walls after all… at least the blue colors fit well with the pastels of the attraction facade.

The exit to the attraction has stayed in the same location on the far right of the building, located near Pinocchio Village Haus. Remember when this was the entrance?

Now, both the stand-by and Fastpass+ entrance is in the same location during the queue refurbishment. This use to be the Fastpass+ only entrance before the refurbishment.

A temporary wait time sign is installed in the planter on the far side of the new combined entrance.

Do not enter! This is where the stand-by entrance normally joins the Fastpass+ entrance.

You can see the stand-by merge point on the right and all the construction walls blocking views of the stand-by queue at the left.

The fence on the far right was for guests queuing for stand-by, which is blocked off by blue walls.

Overall, the amount of walls being installed has made the load area of “it’s a small world” appear a bit darker and smaller, but it will all be worth it if work really improves the look of the attraction.

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