PHOTOS: New Alien Pizza Planet Vintage Poster Art Now Available via Art on Demand at Disneyland Resort



PHOTOS: New Alien Pizza Planet Vintage Poster Art Now Available via Art on Demand at Disneyland Resort

Here’s something you may not know: aliens need a vacation, too! But what we didn’t know until today is that the Toy Story aliens often love to visit the regions just a stone’s throw away on their home planet of pizza. Today at Disney’s California Adventure, we found a new set of posters featuring the aliens amongst their favorite cuisine. What’s even better about the art is that it mimics the advertising style of the mid-20th century, and the posters hung around the galactic pizza parlor in Tomorrowland.

The new posters can be purchased via an Art on Demand kiosk. Let’s take a look at the silly selections.


First, the aliens travel to the Cheesy Caverns representing the most classic of pizza toppings, mozzarella.


Then, it’s time for them to load up on carbs at Garlon. In the distance, you can see the garlic bread’s soothing steam.


This place might make them tear up a bit, so we’re glad they have goggles on. We see the aliens digging in to the layers of fun to be had Nion Red. But we think we humans will pass on buying a ticket to the home of the red onion.


Now, here’s what we like: a nice, cool dip in Marinara Way. Can you guess what “Otamot” refers to?


On Pizza Planet, the aliens can dive for “bakkon.” Loving the “seaweed.”


The beautiful forest features Alpha Broccolius and is a climber’s dream.


Though olives aren’t for everyone, this guy can’t pass up his opportunity to fly over the Kalamata Crater!


As the original Pizza Planet, Pepperonia appears to be the more conservative of travel destinations. The classic ship in the background brings aliens back to a simpler time.


We hear Flavus Tropicus is less popular with the aliens. Pizza mixed with fruit definitely makes this region a unique destination.




Each of these posters can be printed at Knick’s Knacks. Prices vary based on size, printing process and (optional) framing.

Will you put one of these posters in your kitchen?