PHOTOS, VIDEO: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Full Ride and Preshow POV at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened at Disneyland yesterday, with boarding groups totally filled within a staggering 45 seconds. We were lucky enough to get a spot in a boarding group, so we’re passing our good fortune on to you in video and photo form.

Spoilers ahead!


Like at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can catch stunning views of AT-ATs, Stormtroopers, and even come face-to-face with Kylo Ren as you escape from a First Order Star Destroyer.


rise-of-the-resistance-disneyland-pov-video-5.jpg  rise-of-the-resistance-disneyland-pov-video-4.jpg

Throughout the attraction, you’ll come a cross a number of stunning audio-animatronics, like Lieutenant Bek inside the I-TS Resistance transport shuttle.


It’s time to climb into your prison transport and make a break for the escape pods! Are you ready for your misison? See the full POV ride-through of the attraction below:

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Thanks for trying to include as much of the experience as you could! This looks so amazing. Wish the girl screaming loudly at everything and yelling for Kylo would learn to be more respectful of other’s experiences. I get excitement but yeesh.