Marvel News Mash-Up: WandaVision, U.S. Agent, and Wolverine SideShow Figure

Marvel News Mash-Up

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The Many Faces of Wanda from “WandaVision”

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We got our first look at “WandaVision” when Disney+ debuted their Big Game advertisement during this years Superbowl. One thing that definitely stood out was the different versions of Wanda that appeared.

We don’t know exactly what will go on during the series, but it appears it will pay homage to some classic sitcoms like “I Love Lucy,” “Bewitched,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Roseanne” and “Full House.” Check out the images above.

Source: Reddit

First Look at the U.S. Agent from “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

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“The New York Post” gave us our first look at Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent, and he looks fantastic. Check out the images!

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So who is the U.S. Agent? John Walker was originally the Super Patriot, but eventually took over the role of Captain America after Cap resigned due to his disagreement with the Commission on Superhero Activities.

The Captain (Steve Rogers) vs. Captain America (John Walker) in Captain America #350refrfref.JPG?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=1000&ixlib=php 1.2

So, where was Steve Rogers during this time? Steve took the new moniker of the Captain. He donned a similar looking costume to the one he wore as Captain America but gone was the classic red, white and blue look. The two finally came to blows and the winner became the new Captain America. Steve was victorious and John Walker went on to become the U.S. Agent, now wearing the costume of the Captain.

Source: Page Six

The MCU’s First R-Rated Movie Could be “Deadpool 3”


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So, will we see Deadpool make his debut in the MCU, or will he still be under the Fox banner when “Deadpool 3” is released? According to the writer Rhett Reese, “Deadpool 3” will receive another R rating, as he doubts the merc with a mouth will make the cut for the MCU.

From Screen Rant:

Question: We know that Deadpool 3 is happening. In your opinion, do you think that it’s possible to do a “Deadpool 3” that could be rated R under the Disney banner?
Rhett Reese: Absolutely, because I don’t think it’ll be under the Disney banner. Like, I don’t think when you go to “Deadpool 3,” there’s going to be a Magic Castle that appears. I think it’s going to be under the Fox banner, so yes.

But don’t count Deadpool and the MCU out just yet. Ryan Reynolds recently said he is working with Marvel on the next Deadpool movie. Bob Iger also stated that Disney will continue to make R-rated movies when it makes sense for the studio.

Source: Screen Rant and Highsnobiety

Tom Hiddleston Gets Ready for Some Stunt Work on the Set Of “Loki”

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Tom Hiddleston is getting ready for “Loki,” and he recently shared some video of him swinging into action for the upcoming Disney+ series. Check it out below!

Source: MCU Direct

SideShow Collectible Corner

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“The Wolverine”

I love classic Wolverine, and this sixth scale figure from SideShow looks incredible. Only thing missing for me is Wolvie’s hairy arms. Come on, guys!

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SNIKT! Sideshow presents the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure, a new Marvel collectible based on Logan’s classic X-Men costume.

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The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure features a comic-inspired head sculpt of everyone’s favorite feral mutant, with a stern expression beneath his yellow and black finned cowl. Wolverine’s costume includes a yellow fabric bodysuit with black stripes, a set of blue fabric briefs, and a red fabric belt with an “X” buckle. His classic costume also has sculpted elements like distressed blue shoulder armor, as well as blue and black gauntlets and two-part boots. 

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The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure features a number of swap-out elements allowing you to perfect his powerful pose in your Marvel collection. Logan comes with a pair of fists and a pair of action hands, which can both be fitted with the swappable hand plate with his Adamantium claws and the hand plate without claws. For further configurations, the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure includes three sets of muscular, swappable arms: a pair of articulated arms, a pair of non-articulated bent arms and a pair of non-articulated straight arms. Unleash this iconic Marvel hero’s full fury with this variety of vicious accessories and display options.

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The Exclusive Edition of the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure includes a pair of swap-out gloved fists featuring Logan’s classic bone claws. Return to Wolverine’s origins with this exclusive additional display option.
Pop the claws in your Marvel collection and bring home the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure today, bub!

Source: SideShow

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