Tokyo Disney Resort App Launches “Disney Photo” Service

Tokyo Disney Resort has a rather unique way of handling photos taken by Cast Members. We have a similar system to the old PhotoPass, where you hand a keycard to your photographer Cast Member after they take your picture. You can then order prints of those pictures online or at select points throughout both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. However, it seems from February 14th, you can now access and order your pictures through the Tokyo Disney Resort Official App!

disney photo tokyo

disney photo tokyo

From within the official TDR app’s Disney Photo services, you can view and purchase your pictures taken throughout the parks! Whether you’ve taken a plunge on Tower of Terror, met Mickey Mouse, or posed with Partners, you can see and purchase them all from your iOS or Android device! All photos are sorted by where and when they were shot. Plus, you can see every shot taken on your keycard within the past 30 days. Please note that some features will still only be available on the Disney Photo website and not within the official app. For example, hardcover photo books are only able to be ordered through the full website.

It’s always exciting to see new technologies added to the Tokyo Disney Resort experience. For a while, the resort has been largely behind the times, lacking an official app until 2018, digital FastPass until 2019, and no Wi-Fi except at park entrances.

Unfortunately, this service is still only available to those with Japanese App Store/Google Play accounts. Here’s hoping an English version of the app is on its way. Are you excited to use this new feature? Did you miss the convenience on your last trip? Let us know below or on Twitter!