PHOTOS: New “Monsters University” Spirit Jerseys Arrive at Walt Disney World

Spirit Jerseys became famous on college campuses, so it’s no surprise to see them coming to Monsters University! Now, whether you are walking to Scaring 101 or Monstrosities 302, you can arrive in style with your very own Spirit Jersey.

We can thank our school founder Arthur Clawson for bringing us such a frightfully good Spirit Jersey. Coming off the 700th anniversary of the school, we think this Spirit Jersey will last at least until the 800th.

We can see with this particular Spirit Jersey, we have white sleeves to hide your tentacles, and blue cuffs to easily accent any fancy claws you might have.

School never looked this scary!

Whether you are planning on pledging Slugma Slugma Kappa or Omega Howl, this Spirit Jersey is a must. If you’d like to pick one up for yourself, head on over to your nearest campus bookstore, or Mickey’s Star Traders at Magic Kingdom for $69.99.