Rapunzel dress Animal Crossing

Show Us Your Disney Themed Animal Crossing Islands and Creations!

We know what it’s like to pour your heart into your Animal Crossing town. You’ve meticulously crossbred your flowers, set up all of your paths just right, and created the perfect town tune, and there’s no one to appreciate the work you’ve done.

Here at WDWNT, we want to see all of your Disney themed Animal Crossing towns, islands, and creations! Do you have a QR code you’re really proud of, a Beauty and the Beast-themed town, or how about your own version of the Disney parks? We’d love to see them––submit your creations for a chance to be featured on a follow-up post!

Rapunzel dress Animal Crossing

The possibilities are endless to bring your love of Disney and Animal Crossing together, from dressing as your favorite princess to just having your Island named after a Disney location––Zootopia possibly being the most fitting for this franchise! We want to see everything, from the small hints of Disney, to the grand scale creations, such as Reddit user u/comradepupp’s creation of the Magic Kingdom in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, pictured below.

Animal Crossing Walt Disney World
Credit to Reddit user u/comradepupp

Feel free to send in your screenshots via email (email Rosie at: [email protected]), slide into our Instagram DMs, or tag or reply to this post on Twitter! We can’t wait to see your Disney-themed Animal Crossing creations!

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