Sight Line Balloons Spotted Above Tokyo Disney Resort Backstage Area

While Tokyo Disney Resort (like every other Disney resort) remains closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, things still appear to be underway backstage. Case in point, this morning several sight line balloons were spotted above the Oriental Land Company backstage area. Twitter user oma__35 was able to share a photo from the Disney Resort Line train.

Additionally, user Asanami shared a couple of interesting pictures, also from the Disney Resort Line.

For reference, it appears that the balloons encompass roughly this area. This includes the Green & Arts, Cast Development, Publicity, and Casting Center office areas, as well as dry dock for seasonal show barges. The Disney Resort Line structures were not part of the survey, as far as we can tell.

While we aren’t sure what purpose these may serve, it’s most likely that they would be for offices. The area is backstage, after all, and the balloons are roughly around the same height. No matter what, we’re intrigued. Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on Tokyo Disney Resort, Walt Disney World, and Disney parks worldwide during the COVID-19 closure!

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