PHOTOS: Central Park Crêpes Coming Soon to Universal Studios Florida

A brand new food location is coming soon to Universal Studios Florida! Central Park Crêpes, appropriately located near the entrance of Central Park, has popped up and appears to be getting ready to serve up a selection of sweet and savory crêpes. The building is not ready for business yet, but we’re ready to get a taste when they open.

The crêpe stand is still surrounded by barricades, and looking in the windows we could see electrical wiring still exposed, but we expect this will open soon.

Artwork on the front of the building entices guests to try some of Central Park Crêpes hot and fresh, made to order crêpes.

On the left side of the building, we can see the window designated for placing your order.

And of course there is a pick up window, too.

The menu sounds great, with a selection of 3 savory crêpes and 3 sweet crêpes. Chicken and Goat Cheese, Smoked Brisket, and a Vegetarian option make up the savory side of the menu. For the sweet side, there’s: Lemon Blueberry, Strawberry Hazelnut, or Cookies and Cream crêpes to choose from. You know we’ll be back to review them when Central Park Crêpes opens at Universal Studios Florida.

We’re excited for the addition of more unique food offerings around Universal Orlando and we can’t wait to sample all that Central Park Crêpes has to offer. Be sure to keep following Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates!