PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 8/12/20 (PLAY! Pavilion Construction, Low Wait Times, New Halloween Pins, Screens Off at Project Tomorrow, and More)

Good morning from the park that is always in a state of becoming, EPCOT! We were looking forward to a day of World Showcase merchandise and Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival 2020 treats, and we were not disappointed! Let’s get started.

We started the day with getting a good look at the new lucite pylons which were installed a day ago on the entrance fountain in front of Spaceship Earth. Pictures don’t do these justice, as the light plays through these sleek pieces. We can’t wait to see the finalized fountain!

At MouseGear, we found a new line of figurines featuring the Aliens from Toy Story dressed up as characters from some of your other favorite films. For more pictures and information, see our full article here.

Work is actively being done on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The scrim is still tied up on the front of the building, but not much can be seen inside.

Work is being done on the roof of the building however, and workers could be seen welding there today.

Work was also being done on the future Play! Pavilion, with some roof panels being replaced today.

Project Tomorrow has had a tumultuous time recently, with screens being on and off inconsistently. Today the lower screens were off, but the upper screens were on. All of the interactive stations remained off.

The Rally of the Gazelles interactive exhibit in the Morocco Pavilion was also turned off today, with the driver’s seat blocked off from guests in an effort to reduce touch points in the park.

Wait times remained low throughout the day today for most attractions. At mid day, Spaceship Earth was a 5-minute wait, although the line out front was a little long.

Around just after lunch time, Living With The Land was a 5-minute wait, with hardly any line at all.

Soarin’ Around The World was also a 5-minute wait at mid day, leaving us with just one difficult decision—which to ride first?

The one attraction we saw have a high wait time was Frozen Ever After, and this wait time was 40 minutes. The line was moving fairly quickly, and with most of the queue in the air conditioned building, it makes for a nice to relax and cool down.

While in the Norway Pavilion we spotted the new Norway Mickey ears displayed very nicely with the foam weapons and shields. We love these new ears!

We found a sneak peek of some of the new Halloween merch today in pin form at ImageWorks. These adorable pins retails for $9.99 and will be available everywhere later this month when all of the new Halloween merch debuts across the parks.

We were ready to taste our way around the World Showcase, and we did, but not in the way we expected. We thought we were going to eat food, instead we found food merch!

We found this Mickey ice cream bar battery powered fan at MouseGear ready to cool you down in style. It even has the classic bite missing from one ear. It’s melting so you don’t have to!

We also found the last four of these Mickey gelato crossbody bags in the Italy Pavilion. We had quite the ice cream theme going on!

One thing we sadly did not get to sample was anything from the Islands of the Caribbean booth, as it was closed today. While we have not noticed any pattern to its closure, it does seem to be closed some days but is open most of the time.

Our day was made in the end by this find- the Teriyaki Chicken Bun has returned to the Japan booth! It has replaced the Tempura Donburi, and has seen a price increase from $5.75 last year to $6.00 this year.

We finished out the day in the France Pavilion at Las Halles for a little dessert, which is always top-notch here. Sometimes we feel the food it too pretty to eat here!

All in all we think all of these flavors went well together, and that Remy would approve. We’re so glad that this topiary remains from the International Flower & Garden Festival 2020! We love seeing his smiling face in the France Pavilion.

We had a great day at EPCOT, we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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