halloween horror nights socks and lanyard

PHOTOS: New Halloween Horror Nights “30 Years 30 Fears” Lanyard and Socks Arrive at Universal Studios Florida

Even though Halloween Horror Nights has been canceled, merchandise keeps arriving at Universal Studios Florida. Today, we found a new lanyard and socks!

“30 Years 30 Fears” Lanyard – $14.00

Both the lanyard and the socks below feature icons from the event’s history:

  • Jack the Clown (aka Jack Schmidt) from Halloween Horror Nights X, XI, Sweet 16, Carnival of Carnage (2007), and 25
  • Eddie Schmidt, the icon originally planned for Halloween Horror Nights XI prior to the events of September 11th, 2001
  • The Storyteller (aka Elsa Strict) from Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror (2005) and Sweet 16
  • The Director (aka Paulo Ravinski) from Halloween Horror Nights 13 and Sweet 16

“30 Years 30 Fears” Socks – $20.00

Like most Halloween Horror Nights merchandise, we found these in the Tribute Store. Will you be adding them to your Halloween Horror Nights collection?

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