PHOTOS: New Norway Pavilion T-Shirt Arrives at EPCOT

Some things never change, and despite many changes to the Norway Pavilion over the years, we still love it. A new t-shirt for the pavilion has arrived at EPCOT, so you too can declare your love for Norway.

The t-shirt is blue with white sleeves. Some of the Norway Pavilion’s most recognizable architecture sits atop the word “Norway.” The silhouette of the country is in white behind the text.

The Norway flag fills the letters of the name, and “EPCOT World Showcase” is beneath the design.

This new shirt matches the Spirit Jersey that arrived last month, so the two would make a great pair if you want to layer up this winter.

The t-shirt is $36.99 and we found it at The Fjording in the Norway Pavilion.

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