PHOTOS: New Pandora – The World of Avatar Fanny Pack Lands in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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On your travels to Pandora, you’ll need to make sure you pack the essentials before jumping on a banshee. Luckily, we encountered this new Pandora hip pack that is sure to be all the rage amongst the Na’vi.

You can stock up on all your Pandora: The World of Avatar merchandise at the newly-reopened Island Mercantile, where we saw this hip pack.

This hip pack will look snazzy on any adventurer!

The front displays the word “Pandora”, created out of various plant life and geological features found on the moon of Pandora itself. To the left you can see a woodsprite. The front-facing zipper has green and blue ribbons attached for an easy pull. Two colorful embroidered strips sit atop the front pocket.

Two zippered compartments allow you to organize your supplies. The waist strap is adjustable to fit most trekkers.

Here we can see the other side of the pack displays the outline of a banshee. You can ride one in Avatar Flight of Passage.

Even if you’re just hanging out, this hip pack is great to have with you! For now this item can only be found inside Island Mercantile and retails for $34.99

What do you think about this hip pack? Let us know in the comments?

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