PHOTOS: NEW “Zootopia” and “Monsters, Inc.” Headbands Coming August 19 to Tokyo Disney Resort

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The kooky and adorable merchandise never ends at Tokyo Disney Resort, with almost every popular Disney franchise represented in one way or another at the resort. From Toy Story‘s Hamm to The Three Caballeros, you’d be hard-pressed to not find at least one of your favorite characters somewhere here! And now, fans of Zootopia and Monsters, Inc. can join the club, with these new elastic headbands!

Boo Headband – ¥1600 ($15.17)

This adorable headband is in the style of Boo’s monster disguise when her, Mike, and Sulley infiltrate Monsters, Inc. to return her to the human world. MIKE WAZOWSKI!

Nick Wilde Headband – ¥1600 ($15.17)

Complete with green neck band colored like his green shirt, this Nick Wilde-style headband is sure to show off your adoration of the conniving yet ultimately redeemed fox from Zootopia.

Judy Hopps Headband – ¥1600 ($15.17)

For those of us more judicious, there’s also a Judy Hopps headband coming soon! The detailing on this is also rather impressive, with a blue neckband colored like her police outfit, and the ear tips colored differently just like in the film. There’ll be no mistaking your masquerade as the loveable bunny cop! Or meter maid, depending on your opinion.

Tramp Headband – ¥1600 ($15.17)

These ears emulate Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, with dark, folded-down ears and little tufts of hair at the base.

And that’s the latest on these new headbands coming August 19th to Tokyo Disney Resort! There were no speficics on where these will be sold, but I’d imagine most generic Disney outlets and merchandise stands/carts will carry them, so keep your eyes peeled on your next visit!

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