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PHOTOS: Universal Studios Florida Begins Preparing for Hurricane Isaias

With Hurricane Isaias approaching, Central Florida theme parks are preparing for the high winds and rain that will be hitting them this weekend. As we visited Universal Studios Florida today, we kept track of some of the measures that Team Members were taking to keep the park safe.

barney banners 2 1

In Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone, banners have been rolled up and secured on their poles.

barney banners 3 1
barney banners 4 1
barney banners 5

A Day in the Park with Barney is set to close temporarily beginning August 9, but we think these preparations are more about the hurricane than the attraction’s closure.

barney banners 1 2
curious george banners 1

Banners surrounding the Curious George Goes to Town playground were also rolled up.

curious george banners 2
curious george banners 3

The playground has been closed since the parks reopened in order to adhere to health and safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

curious george banners 4
curious george banners 5
curious george banners 6
curious george banners 7
kidzone banners 1
kidzone banners 2
kidzone banners 3
kidzone banners 4
universal flags gone 1

The flags outside of Animal Actors On Location! have been removed from their flag poles.

universal flags gone 3
universal flags gone 4
animal actors banners 1

The banners leading into the theater have also been rolled up.

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animal actors banners 2
springfield banners 1

Springfield banners are also rolled up.

springfield banners 2
springfield banners 3
springfield banners 4
springfield banners 5
springfield banners 6
universal mocambo flags 1 1

The Mocambo night club rolled up and secured their row of flags.

universal mocambo flags 2
universal mocambo flags 3
usf store banners 1

The Universal Studios Store still had banners unrolled. These banners are attached with poles at the top and bottom, so may not need to be rolled up.

toon lagoon banners

When we swung through Islands of Adventure, we noticed banners had not been rolled up in Toon Lagoon either.

citywalk banners 1 2

Banners were still unfurled throughout CityWalk as well.

citywalk banners 2
citywalk banners 3
citywalk banners 4

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando’s Hurricane Policy states that a Hurricane Watch or Warning must be issued for cancellation or change fees to be waived. You can check for any further updates from the National Hurricane Center here.