PHOTOS, VIDEO: Incredibly Detailed New “Beetlejuice” Room and Horrific Snacks Debut at the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida

It’s showtime! And apparently, snack time too, as the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store has just opened up two new rooms—one, a spooky concession stand full of gory snacks, and another themed to none other than Beetlejuice. Let’s enter the Tribute Store and see what’s in store for us in this year’s stand-in for the Halloween Horror Nights event.

As you reach the end of Jack’s Carnival, you come to the creepy cat door that previously teased more surprises:

You then travel down a long, orange-red corridor, lined on both sides with posters of HHN events from years past.

From there, you enter into the first new room, which houses all of the new food and drink items available.

You can scroll through the menus above to check out all of the savory, sweet, and donut options. (Yes, donuts have their very own separate menu.)

This section comes complete with a pastry case full of spooky goods on display. The whole thing glows an eerie green while guests make their selections.

Probably one of the weirdest snacks we’ve ever seen, there are beating heart sour gummies… and yes, they actually moved as if they were beating:

Of course, even the Tribute Store’s concession stand has some extremely creepy displays throughout—for ambiance, of course.

And then, of course, we move on into our final room, which is somewhat of a house/scare zone reveal, as there were rumored plans for a Beetlejuice themed area for Halloween Horror Nights 30.

That being said, if you grew up on Beetlejuice, you’re going to love this area. Seriously, every iconic moment in the movie has been brought to life on a smaller scale inside this room.

Here we see the iconic resting ground of Michael Keaton (in the movie), complete with the zany illuminated sign from the creative mind of none other than Tim Burton.

Throughout, you see pieces of the graveyard model from the movie, complete with green foam grass and all.

Other film references include nods to its protagonists, Barbara and Adam Maitland.

The Tribute Store’s registers have now all moved to this room, so any items you see in earlier rooms that you’d like to buy, you have to haul over to this end of the store to complete your purchase.

Even the register desks are packed with paper memorabilia from the movie—just don’t swap your ticket with the witch doctor while trying to skip the line.

As you exit the Tribute Store, you actually get to go through the afterlife waiting room from the film.

To get there, you have to travel past this hallway full of angular doors.

As one of the best finale scenes of any movie, this exit is a perfect recreation of the waiting room, complete with the impossibly long ticket and a pair of disembodied legs. Throughout this entire area, they play Harry Belafonte’s classic “Jump in the Line” track.

We were at the Tribute Store right at park open this morning, and found that there was virtually no wait. Once inside, the store is one-way only, so do make sure to take in each room fully as you go, or you’ll have to line back up again if you’d like to head back in.

Later in the day, especially as word gets out about the two new rooms, we expect long lines and wait times here at the Tribute Store. Stay tuned for reviews of all of the snacks coming up, and of course, don’t forget to check out our full video tour:

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