“Ride Rehab Watches” Becoming Patreon Exclusive for W.I.G.S. Starting August 22

Ride Rehab Watches is the WDWNT show of riffing retro Disney Parks videos and specials. Hosted by Tyler Mann and Thomas Kiernan of the Ride Rehab Podcast, they are joined by Ben Harris of Parks Center, and other WDWNT staff including Matthew Soberman, Scott Smith, and many more! Each episode, they randomly pick a classic and sometimes uncomfortable Disney Parks video or special, watching for the first time and riffing along to its bizarre nature. If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Riff Trax, you’ll love Ride Rehab Watches!

Starting August 22nd, and then once every month, Ride Rehab Watches will be a WIGS exclusive show! WIGS is the WDWNT Inner Globe Society of our fans on Patreon. Starting at only $2 a month, you can get access to exclusive programming like Ride Rehab Watches, post shows for Parks Center and News Tonight, and much more! Join now before August 22nd at 9pm EDT and watch the first WIGS Exclusive episode live!

On our first episode, we’ll be spinning a digital wheel to determine what we will be watching, however future episodes will include Christmas Parades, Figment cartoons, Disneyland anniversary specials, park opening ceremonies, and bizarre shows from Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong.

Want to check out Ride Rehab Watches before signing up to our WIGS? Watch free past episodes on YouTube below!

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