Stitch’s Great Escape Sign Removed at the Magic Kingdom Following Closure Announcement

Attraction signage for Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom has been removed following the announcement of the attractions’s official closure.

All signage related to the attraction has been removed, with a grey tarp draped over any remaining signs related to the attraction, and a grey box over the former hanging sign base.

Stitch’s Great Escape has long since been “Temporarily Closed” at the Magic Kingdom (and is rumored to be replaced with a new “Wreck-It Ralph” attraction.) Back in March, permits were filed for the interior demolition of the theater that houses what remains of Stitch’s Great Escape. This project is now likely delayed or cancelled. Until the COVID-19 shutdown, Stitch’s Great Escape remained open as a Stitch meet-and-greet location, but with character meet-and-greets temporarily suspended due to new health and safety regulations, the location has finally met its long-awaited final closure.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s the last-ever showing of Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom, filmed back in 2018:

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