PHOTOS: NEW Halloween Mickey Sweatshirt and Sequined T-Shirt Arrive at Walt Disney World

It’s officially Halloween season at Walt Disney World, and that means it’s time to put on some themed outfits. We found a new Halloween sweatshirt and t-shirt at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, so let’s take a closer look.

Mickey Sweatshirt – $44.99


This 2020 sweatshirt features Mickey in his Halloween-themed magician outfit.


Sequined “Boo!” T-Shirt – $39.99


This shirt has “Boo!” in sequins across the front, surrounded by candies.


If you run your hand across the sequins, you can change the colors of the letters.


We found both of these at Mickey’s of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Make sure to check out our full list of Walt Disney World’s new Halloween merchandise.

Will you be picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments.