PHOTOS: New “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Apparel Arrives at Walt Disney World

This is Halloween and it’s time to gear up. You can do the old Pumpkin King proud this season in your finest The Nightmare Before Christmas apparel. These new shirts and hoodies are sure to put that extra spooky flair in your wardrobe. We found these in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Jack and Sally Long Sleeve Shirt — $39.99


This long sleeve shirt is a plain grey, but hides a few surprises throughout. Walt Disney World is scrawled across the chest in a creepy font, and the D features a very Tim Burton-esque uneven spider web.


The two main characters from the film, Jack Skellington, and Sally, can be found on each arm.


The Many Faces of Jack Pullover Sweatshirt — $44.99


This can either be a long sleeve shirt or possibly a pullover sweatshirt, depending on how you want to wear it. The front features one large pocket and the stylized Walt Disney World print with the spider web as seen in the shirt above, but printed four times in different shades of grey. The whole sweatshirt is acid washed, leaving the once-black fabric to be white and faded in places, on purpose.


Running down the left sleeve are the many faces of Jack Skellington. He is very expressive for a skull, and can be seen with dismay, devilish delight, anticipating glee, and true joy, all down the arm.


Patchwork Jack Hoodie — $54.99


This patchwork hoodie is all about Jack with its different prints and textures. The iconic pinstripe of Jack’s suit, a checkerboard pattern, a checkerboard of Jack’s faces, plain white, plain black, and black with Jack’s face in white lines are all over this hoodie.


Tie-Dye Jack Hoodie — $49.99


This tie-dye style hoodie is black and splotched with white ink all over, leading to a light purple look as the colors meld. The giant Jack Skellington head on the front is made up of sequins sewn into place. And, the best part, the white ink is glow-in-the-dark ink that will react after exposure to light! This hoodie will look so cool under black light when it glows.


Are you going to pick up some new Nightmare Before Christmas apparel next time you’re at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below. For more like this, check out some Villainous apparel and decor or see some macabre magnets, leggings, and more with “The Haunted Mansion” merch from World of Disney.