REVIEW: New “JAWS Splash” Ramune Drink Chomps Our Thirst at Universal Studios Japan

Welcome to Amity Village, where it’s humid as all heck in summertime. Totally Massachusetts and not Osaka, Japan! And where do you go when the humidity gets unbearable in “Amity”? Why, down to Boardwalk Snacks! Home of two delicious JAWS summer treats. We’ve already touched on the JAWS Frappe, so now let’s try its drinkable counterpart, the JAWS Splash. Please keep your taste buds inside the boat at all times!

JAWS Splash – ¥650 ($6.11)

USJ JawsShavedIce 4

While you’re chomping down on the Amity Pizza Set, why not compliment it with a neat themed beverage? The JAWS Splash became available in early June 2020, so we aren’t sure if this will be a perennial item or not, but we certainly hope so!


The drink comes in this incredible themed cup with JAWS breaking out of the lower layer of the JAWS Splash! Both sides feature the iconic film’s logo as well. The lowest layer features ramune soda-flavored jelly and blue hawaii syrup, which flavors the soda in the middle as well.


On top, we see vanilla-flavored foam, whipped cream, and a blue gummy shark fin.

The combination of ramune and Blue Hawaii flavor leaves the rather mild ramune lost, but that isn’t the worst thing. The jelly isn’t particularly essential, but that seems to be the trend with drinks this summer around Japan. The vanilla foam on top is particularly exquisite, with almost the same texture as if you added vanilla syrup to the cold foam you can get at Starbucks in the United States. And of course, the fruity shark fin gummy is a nice finisher for this sweet summer treat. I also appreciate how USJ uses large ice cubes, which take longer to melt and don’t dilute the beverage as quickly. Be sure to get pictures with this in front of Jaws himself, hanging at the entrance to his eponymous attraction!

The JAWS Splash is available at Boardwalk Snacks at Universal Studios Japan! Be sure to drop anchor in Amity Village on your next visit to Osaka and down this delicious treat!